Below we have listed only a selection of search assignments that we are currently conducting for our clients. Other search assignments are of a confidential nature and are not displayed on our web site as requested by our clients.

  • Deputy Director, Secretariat

    Industry association Asia Pacific
    (Ref.No.: 835)

    Your role as the Deputy Director is to support the Executive Director (expatriate) of the Secretariat in the development and implementation of the Association's strategic plans and policies, and to provide leadership and direction for the local team when the Executive Director is absent. The secretariat is located in Bangkok.

    Asia is the most exciting area in the world for this particular industry. There is a huge underlying Corporate Social Responsibility in this job. Don't ask what we can do for you; ask what you can do to help the farmers improve their means to secure the necessities of a better life. Click the job title above to get all details of the job and client.

  • Head of Product Management, Senior Vice President

    Life insurance
    (Ref.No.: 834)

    This is an outstanding opportunity for ambitious product managers with life insurance and actuarial experience to join a leading financial services group as Head of Product Management in Bangkok.

    You will be leading a team of more than 10 people and be in charge of the product management function on the end-to-product implementation process, including product design, product proposition, implementation and launch. The job includes leading the product pricing function, profitability testing, the product approval process and reinsurance for new products. Click the job title above to get all details of the job and client.

  • Regional Senior HR Manager Asia Pacific

    Animal nutrition solutions
    (Ref.No.: 833)

    Imagine being the Senior HR business partner responsible for HR administration and development in this vast geographical area: from Pakistan and India on your left to the Philippines on your far right, and from Thailand and Indochina all the way down under to Australia.

    Our client's regional office is located in Bangkok, in a beautiful open-plan office with a view of the city's skyline. Here sits a small team of technical experts, commercial people, marketing specialists, administrators, and financial planners. They in turn work with small teams of colleagues in ten countries around the Asia Pacific region who work closely with a network of distributors. Click the job title above to get all details of the job and client.

  • Manager, Plant Controlling (2 positions)

    Global MNC brand-name; manufacturing
    (Ref.No.: 832)

    Plant Controlling is a position that manages costing set up in the client's ERP system, AX2012. You must have at least five years of experience with standard costing and how to analyse cost performance. Good social skills are required, as you will be working across many departments in a large manufacturing environment close to Bangkok.Click the job title above to get all details of the job and client.

  • Director of Human Resources

    Personal care; office and factory
    (Ref.No.: 831)

    You will be our client's first full-time HR Director and take over a team of 30 staff. Some are sitting at the head office in Bangkok and some are at the factory in Eastern Seaboard. Our client's HR organisation could easily be referred to as the personnel department; if you are old enough, you know that this was what HR was called in the past. Click the job title above to get all details of the job and client.

  • Director, Planning Master Data

    Large MNC brand-name manufacturing near Bangkok
    (Ref.No.: 829)

    You must be an experienced expert in Planning Master Data (PMD) of materials and production. However, it will not include the management of master data in the areas of say BOM, routing, costing or finance. Leave that to someone else. PMD is the lifeblood for any manufacturing organisation that uses an ERP system. It is a comprehensive method of linking a company's critical data which then provides a common point of reference. When properly done, PMD streamlines identical data sharing among personnel and departments. Click the job title above to get all details of the job and client.

  • Regional Sales and Marketing Manager

    Location: Samutprakan
    (Ref.No.: 828)

    This is where you come into the picture - if you think you know how to manage and motivate distributors to sell through retail and directly to the end-users (mainly farmers), we want to talk to you. It's important to say that we are not looking for a farmer or key account manager; we want to talk to a hunter, a person who likes to work alone in the market without staff responsibility. Someone who gets a kick out of being on the road most of the time, who loves meeting new people and who loves a good deal. Please see all details by clicking on the position title above.

  • Regional Accounting and Finance Manager

    Advertising and market communication
    (Ref.No.: 827)

    There are several countries in the ASEAN region that fall under your responsibility in the new role of Regional Accounting & Finance Manager. You will report directly to the CEO (non-Thai) who is also located in Bangkok.

    You must be a self-starter and be able to work independently. Integrity and the ability to understand the business requirements and to provide sound financial advice to the CEO are essential elements of the job. Another key element is your ability to lead and motivate the accounting and finance team to achieve functional excellence and be a change agent to lead the function towards a better efficiency. Please see all details by clicking on the position title above.

  • Regional Marketing Manager

    International education services
    (Ref.No.: 807)

    You will be responsible for the execution of the strategic marketing plan for the South East Asia region (five countries) and will be central to the achievement of revenue, market share and volume objectives as well as customer satisfaction targets.

    Together with the Regional Director and the five Country Directors, you are responsible for driving business growth by identifying, pursuing and securing new business opportunities. In short: lead generation to getting customers into the sales funnel. For full details about the job and client, please click the position title above.

  • Destination Manager UK / Business Development

    Student placement and education services
    (Ref.No.: 776)

    It's a newly established position in the Thai organisation. You report to the Country Director. The key objective is very simple: help local Asian students to further their education in the United Kingdom of Great Britain; so that means England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    Our client is one of the true global leaders in the educational sector with a long history of excellence. They operate across the world including throughout Asia. The SEA regional office is located in Bangkok.