Below we have listed only a selection of search assignments that we are currently conducting for our clients. Other search assignments are of a confidential nature and are not displayed on our web site as requested by our clients.

  • Deputy Director, Secretariat

    Industry association Asia Pacific
    (Ref.No.: 835)

    Your role as the Deputy Director is to support the Executive Director (expatriate) of the Secretariat in the development and implementation of the Association's strategic plans and policies, and to provide leadership and direction for the local team when the Executive Director is absent. The secretariat is located in Bangkok.

    Asia is the most exciting area in the world for this particular industry. There is a huge underlying Corporate Social Responsibility in this job. Don't ask what we can do for you; ask what you can do to help the farmers improve their means to secure the necessities of a better life. Click the job title above to get all details of the job and client.

  • Director of Human Resources

    Personal care; office and factory
    (Ref.No.: 831)

    You will be our client's first full-time HR Director and take over a team of 30 staff. Some are sitting at the head office in Bangkok and some are at the factory in Eastern Seaboard. Our client's HR organisation could easily be referred to as the personnel department; if you are old enough, you know that this was what HR was called in the past. Click the job title above to get all details of the job and client.