Deputy Director, Secretariat

Industry association Asia Pacific

Ref.No.: 835

Your role as the Deputy Director is to support the Executive Director (expatriate) of the Secretariat in the development and implementation of the Association's strategic plans and policies, and to provide leadership and direction for the local team when the Executive Director is absent. The secretariat is located in Bangkok.

What's in it for you?

  • There is a huge underlying Corporate Social Responsibility in this job. Don't ask what we can do for you; ask what you can do to help the farmers improve their means to secure the necessities of a better life. Yes, the farmers around Asia are key stakeholders for the association. You will be given an opportunity to indirectly help farmers to get better yields from their harvests.
  • Asia is the most exciting area in the world for this particular industry. Asia clearly sets the global agenda for where growth will come in the future. The industry is a business of 20 billion US dollars, of which 14 billion is in Asia.
  • Less than 1% of people in Europe or the USA are now involved in agriculture; but in Thailand it's still 60% of the population. In fact, in almost all countries in Asia, agriculture is still a dominant industry.
  • Working with members and national industry associations across a huge geographical area.
  • Office hours of 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • Quite a bit of travel.

  • Responsibilities

  • Development and execution of the association's technical strategy; leading special interest groups, standing committees, and consortiums of members working on special projects.
  • Productive, efficient and regular communication and cooperation between industry professionals, regional and global donors, NGOs and governments.
  • Spearhead policy and regulatory initiatives for the Asia-Pacific region to facilitate cross-border trading and technologies.
  • Serve as a technical guide to staff, particularly with regards to membership benefits for the industry professionals and research institutions.
  • Provide efforts towards team targets of event sponsorship, conference planning, business development and partnership activities;
  • Develop and co-ordinate program activities including outreach, marketing, media relations, and public relations, while working closely with the Communications Officer.
  • Participate in regional and international organisational meetings and forums to provide perspective on issues and initiatives relative to industry development, intellectual property legislation and enforcement, accreditation, and regulatory systems.

  • Qualifications and experience

  • Bachelor's degree or higher with an agronomic major.
  • You have political acumen to build a network with the relevant government bodies and the association's executive committee, and you know what lobbying is all about. Experience in liaising with regulatory authorities, government agencies and institutions/or senior level experience in an integrated seed enterprise.
  • You love networking with your members, all the way from Turkey via Pakistan, India, China, Philippines, Australia and Fiji. Ability to relate and work harmoniously and effectively with peers of various nationalities, both in the public and private sector.
  • You have a high level of ethics and a no-nonsense approach to discrimination, favouritism, and corruption. You act with no prejudice in favour of or against any people, your members, or your colleagues.
  • Extensive knowledge of the technical agronomic issues relating to vegetable, forage and field crop seeds. Ability to understand and explain in laymen's terms technical documents in English related to agriculture and seed.
  • Excellent at English communication (both written and oral) and preferably other local languages of the region.
  • Computer skills, particularly: Microsoft suite, professional email communication, and time and project management tools.
  • Ability and interest in travelling and hence good overall health is required.

    Our client's global head office is located right here in Bangkok and has been for more than 20 years. It's a non-political and non-profit membership association of enterprises and organisations worldwide but with a focus on the industry interests in Asia Pacific.

    The Secretariat manages the international memberships, the global industry events and the public relation activities of the association. They bring together people from 60 countries, all of who have the same interests at heart, which is to lobby governments and other related organisations as well as promote good governance, best practice and create awareness of their particular industry.